Create template:


Activate your email:

Activate API for your email by executing this URL in the browser:{your email}.

Merge tags:

If you write something within {} it will become a variable that you can define in the URL query. Example: {firstname} can be called with ?firstname=nikolaj.


For executing use:
Required parameters are sender, email and template ID:
Sender is the senders email
Email is the recipients email
Template ID is the ID of the template you want to use.
Adding cc and bcc as parameters will add a cc and bcc recipient.

Full example:


To add styling use html tags. Example:
<br> = next line
<b> = Bold text
<strong> = Important text
<i> = Italic text
<em> = Emphasized text
<mark> = Marked text
<small> = Small text
<del> = Deleted text
<ins> = Inserted text
<sub> = Subscript text
<sup> = Superscript text

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